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2015-11-05 12.54.27

Tonight I had the pleasure of giving a recital at the Mariinsky Theatre here in St. Petersburg.

I arrived in this beautiful city yesterday, and I managed to get a little bit of sightseeing done in between rehearsals and concerts, among others the Winter Palace (in the picture). But still way to little, since there is so much to see!

The concert was a lot of fun too. We played a program with a little bit of german, danish, russian/polish and french music, and the performed the Weinberg Sonata for the first time – great piece! Just being in the building, Mariinsky 2 was really inspiring. So much going on, ballet and opera at the same time, singers, dancers and musicians running between performances and rehearsals.

Tomorrow I am heading home again for a couple of days before the next trip.

До свида́ния!

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