Posted 22. July 2015 — .


After a very nice festival in Tisvilde and Thy in Denmark, I finally had some time for a little holiday! 10 days without playing – what a treat. Today is the last day; I spent it here in Norway in the mountains. Now back to work! Lots of fun stuff for the season though, so… Read more »

Posted 4. July 2015 — .


I am having a great time here at the West Cork Chamber Music Festival in Bantry, Ireland. I have played 3 concerts, including Brahms’ Serenade, Gubaidulina’s Hommage a T. S. Eliot and Janacek’s Mladi. It has been a pleasure to meet and work with truly fantastic musicians, eating nice food, watch the beatiful sceneries, and… Read more »

Posted 18. June 2015 — .


General rehearsal in a few minutes with Aarhus Symphony Orchestra. Tricky piece, but it’s always so much fun to play! Today is Election Day, so it will be exciting to see the turnout for tonight’s concert! The picture is from yesterday’s rehearsal.. Stop by if you are in the neighborhood! – Mathias

Posted 16. June 2015 — .


Welcome to my new website! A huge thanks to Morten Lundrup for photos and videos, Martin Pedersen for programming, and especially Maibritt Lind Hansen for designing the whole thing. I think it looks amazing! It has taken quite a while, but it’s finally here. I will update this Behind the Scenes with news and an… Read more »