The first experience I had with the clarinet was listening to my older brother practicing.

A few years later it was finally my turn to begin playing an instrument, and the choice was obvious. Since then a combination of dedication and luck have brought me to where I am today – where I can actually do what I love the most everyday: to make music. A group of fantastic professors have inspired me to pursue my dreams over the years. They’ve prepared me with the tools and the confidence to constantly work towards new goals.

I’ve also been fortunate to work with outstanding musicians in both chamber music and orchestra settings – all of which have opened up a whole world of repertoire I could never turn my back on! And so right now I am trying to divide the time between my orchestra work and all the great opportunities that come up elsewhere.

I’ll spare you the long list of names for now, but if you want the longer version of my story, go ahead and download the resumé.